Coletor de amostras para líquidos

DIN-EN: DN 15 – 100 / PN 10 – 40
ASME: NPS ½“ – 4“ / class 150 – 300
PT range: -40 < T < 230°C, vacuum 10-8 mbar


Design Features

Características construtivas

  • Sistema fechado
  • Sem espaço morto
  • Sem derramamento e livre de contaminações
  • Volume da amostrada definido
  • Amostra é livre de pressão
  • Operação simples e segura
  • Estanqueidade total
  • Certificação TA-Luft 2002 (Dekra) – baixa emissões fugitivas
  • DGRL 97/23/EG

Standard Design
Ausfuehrungen-SAMPLING[table id=33/]

Bottle connection

  • PTFE-Adapter: for laboratory bottle with ISO-thread GL 32/45. Application: For less toxic resp. polluted media.
  • Clamping Retainer: For fast and easy exchange of laboratory bottle, even for heated version.
  • Needle system: closed needle system for laboratory bottle with septum (Butyl and PTFE). Needle System NH and NH-S with diverse internal diameter(2-6 mm). Application for high toxic resp. polluted media for spillnig eliminated an contamination free sampling.




Operating temperatures < -30°C and > 220 °C have to be checked and approved by AZ according to the operating conditions.

Besides the P/T value of the sleeve the limitations of the valve bodies also have to be considered. Please refer to the EN 12516-1 resp. ASME B16.34 in order to choose a proper pressure rating (PN/class). The shown values refer to austenitic stainless steel 1.4408 (A351 Gr. CF8M).

1) For operating temperatures below -10°C low temperature / austenitic steels are required.
2) Sleeve: There are different sleeve materials / compounds available.


Standard body materials
• Carbon Steel 1.0619, ASTM A216 WCB
• Stainless Steel 1.4408, ASTM A351 CF8M
• Stainless Steel 1.4308, ASTM A351 CF8
• Unalloyed stainless steel casting (low Temp.) 1.1138, LCC/LCB/A352

Standard plug materials
• Stainless Steel 1.4408, ASTM A351 CF8M
• Stainless Steel 1.4308, ASTM A351 CF8

Special materials
• Alloy
• Monel
• Nickel
• Zirconium
• Titan
• Tantal
• other materials on request

Lining materials(TRF + TRF-A)
• PFA, PFA-conductive, FEP, PVDF

Sealing Systems

[table id=20 /]

Port Forms






1 Locking Devices
Pilot valve combinations, pad lock eyelets, linear key conception, indexing plunger arrestor.
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2 Actuators
Actuators for mounting-flange acc. to DIN ISO 5211
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3 Cover extension
Solid construction in stainless steel, Standard extension 100 mm or 150 mm high,  non standard lengths are available on request . Hexagonal bolts on adjustment ring freely accessible. Note: Don’t use with sealing FSN/FSN-SL and CASN/CASN-SL
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